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Internship report Cambodia : an evaluation of working 7 months for a solar energy company in a 3rd world developing country

Roosjen, Sander (2012) Internship report Cambodia : an evaluation of working 7 months for a solar energy company in a 3rd world developing country.

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Abstract:Arriving in Cambodia in the first week of the new year I was picked up by one of the students already working for Kamworks. A nice and comfortable way to get your first impressions. The first 3 months of my internship I lived in the Solar Campus, very basic housing powered by solar energy. While the showering with a little bucket took some getting used to the life in the province was very nice. We had a fun group and worked together on our separate projects. I started my internship designing molds for the solar home system. The designs were send for manufacturing to Vietnam and I could pick them up some time later. A working trip to Saigon, an always welcome distraction and my first experience with the full blown craziness of south east Asia. From the iron mold we made the plastic molds for the Solar Home System and we pulled some nice quality products from the molds. It’s a very good feeling to see that the things you design on your computer work out in practice. Kamworks advocates itself as a green company, but when arriving in the morning the slow stokes of the diesel generator can be heard from behind the building. A solution had to be found and with 40 donated solar panels some concrete and steel my next project was born. The next couple of months we worked hard in the burning sun to construct a solar roof to make Kamworks a true self supplying, green company. We dug deep foundation holes, poured concreted welded steel and constructed roof framing, a dream of every mechanical engineer. And the good thing here in Cambodia; no building permits required. You got the steel you got the tools, you can start building. The result was a fully operational solar array which can be spotted with Google earth. The last months I spend reviving a shelved project namely the Solar TV. A product with high potentiality since the people here in Cambodia all seem to want a cheap but good solution for watching TV. Since the solar TV runs on 12V it can work with the widely used car batteries and can also work together with the Solar Home System. We build 5 prototypes for field-testing, to filter out all the flaws before starting real production
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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