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The app economy : how start-ups create business value with mobile applications

Zinck Stagno, Marc C. (2012) The app economy : how start-ups create business value with mobile applications.

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Abstract:Background – Mobile applications (‘apps’) are a relatively new phenomenon with rapidly growing popularity. There are indications that apps have the potential to create economic value. Much is unknown about the value that apps create, and the manner in which organizations can leverage the value creating potential of apps. Objective & setting – The research goal of this study is to explain the business value of apps. The study will focus on explaining value creation by examining app-enabled economic opportunities initiated by start-up ventures. The research goal is met by focusing on two elements of the business value of apps: (1) an explanation of the business process of app-enabled value creation and (2) an explanation of the type of outcomes associated to the use of apps for business purposes. Approach – A Dynamic Capabilities perspective is taken to explain the process and outcomes of app-enabled value creation by start-ups using interpretive case study research. The chosen theoretical framework is the Net-Enabled Business Innovation Cycle (NEBIC), which is used as basis for the collection, analysis, and reporting of data. Data on eight cases selected by method of intensity sampling are collected through interviews with the founding entrepreneurs and from additional sources such as websites and business plans. Findings – The results include (1) the identification of twelve routines matched to four capabilities for creating business value using apps, (2) the explanation of the interactions between the four capabilities leading to a model representing the app-enabled value creation process, and (3) the identification of eleven types of app-enabled business value, categorized into four dimensions and matched to the capabilities making up the value creation process. Conclusions – An understanding is created about how start-ups create business value by using apps for business purposes and what type of business value is created in this process. This understanding forms a basis for future studies on app-enabled value creation; directions for further research are formulated. The results also provide managers with insights regarding the creation of business value with apps, which can guide decision-making on the business adoption of apps.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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