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Wat doen die naaktmodellen met mijn geheugen! Het effect van functioneel en suggestief naakt op de impliciete en expliciete attitude.

Kooijker, Leon (2012) Wat doen die naaktmodellen met mijn geheugen! Het effect van functioneel en suggestief naakt op de impliciete en expliciete attitude.

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Abstract:While a wide range of research has examined the effects of nudity on explicit attitude, with factors like gender of the model and receiver, type of product advertised, product/nudity congruence and purchase intention, only little is known about the effects nudity is causing on the implicit attitude. In this experimental study, we examined the role of suggestive and functional nudity on the implicit attitude. We also examine several measures of advertising effectiveness for the explicit attitude. This is done by using the traditional outcome measures of recall, attitudes and behavioral intentions. The analyzing procedures are conducted by looking for the independent and interaction effects caused by the suggestiveness and functionality of the nude appeals. A convenience sample of 120 respondents participated in this study. As stimulus material adverts of drinks (liquor vs. juice), clothing (lingerie vs. jeans) and personal beliefs (not wearing fur vs. vegetarian) where used. The results of this study suggest that the use of suggestive or functional sexual stimuli in advertisements does not influence viewers implicit attitude toward remembering brand name information. On the other hand functional nudity does seem to let more information be remembered about the product category. When looking at the explicit measures of advertising effectiveness, the study suggests that the use of functional and suggestive nudity does significantly influence viewers on certain measures of advertising effectiveness. Although, this study was not able to conclusively argue that the use of functional or suggestive nudity in adverts were more effective in claiming attention toward the advert. There is the possibility to give some important implications for marketing professionals and researchers, regarding functional en suggestive nudity within different product categories. It seems that the appreciation for the product advertised is being influenced by the product categories expectation of nude appeals. Because significant effects where found across the categories when looking at the advertising effectiveness. Therefore we recommend that marketing professionals conduct a preliminary research, looking for the products category expectation of nudity in the adverts, before making a single product advert using nude appeals. Because it seems that congruence between the product category and the nude appeal has a significant influence on the way that the advert of a single product is processed and being liked or disliked, what is causing positive or negative emotions towards the advert, brand and purchase intentions.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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