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Wat wil de juf? Een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen personeelsinstrumenten en levensfasen in het basisonderwijs

Wagenaar, E.M. (2012) Wat wil de juf? Een onderzoek naar de relatie tussen personeelsinstrumenten en levensfasen in het basisonderwijs.

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Abstract:Education managers need information to optimize the personnel policy for specific sub-populations on the basis of different life stages. Even though a lot of attention is paid to life stage aware personnel policy in education, very little is known about teachers and their experience with and needs for staff instruments in the different stages of life. Aim: To examine the extent to which the experiences with and need for staff-instruments differ between life-stages of teachers in primary education. Sample: Seventy-five teachers volunteered for the study. All teachers worked in schools that are clients of HumanCapitalCare near Enschede. Method: The experiences with and the needs for staff-instruments (hrd and hrm) were examined through a survey. Teachers were divided into three life stages based on a hierarchical cluster analysis by answering 24 items of the Adult Career Concerns Inventory (ACCI). Furthermore, teachers indicated the extent of experiences with and the need for personnel instruments on the basis of answering questions using a four-point likert scale. The response was compared and variances measured through a one-way ANOVA in combination with the post hoc method Bonferroni. Results: A significant discrepancy was measured at both the experience with and the need for hrm instruments at one out of three comparisons between teachers in different stages of life. The response showed much variance between the need for hrm and hrd instruments in different life stages. Conclusion: This study demonstrates that primary school teachers in different stages of life show a different experience with and need for personnel instruments. Further research is required to show the need that each group has for specific personnel instruments.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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