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Enterprise knowledge : reference architecture for visualization and prototype implementation using Wiki

Wicaksono, Sulistyo Unggul (2012) Enterprise knowledge : reference architecture for visualization and prototype implementation using Wiki.

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Abstract:In this information-rich era, knowledge plays an important role for organizations. The challenge is not only of having the right knowledge, but also of making relevant knowledge actionable. In organizations having knowledge generated from problem-solving interactions, management and accommodation of that knowledge play an important role. Repeated process of regulating and advancing IT support that is available or prepared to be made available for an organization is called management of enterprise architecture. It is a process that involves IT, business process, strategies, and business goals. To accommodate those generated knowledge, organizations will need to focus on how to sort and filter knowledge. The kind of knowledge that should be sorted and codified are knowledge related to problem solving interactions. We refer to that kind of knowledge as enterprise knowledge. This research aims at studying how to present enterprise knowledge using a visualization tool. From literature research, we find that enterprise knowledge can be embedded in diagrams as a form of visualization formats. These diagrams will be referred as models in the remainder of this research. A study of presenting enterprise knowledge is important because it is highly practical. This is due to knowledge visualization and visual representations exist in many fields across different domains of business. There are many ways to present enterprise knowledge contained in models. To do so, choices can be made from numerous visualization tools. Growth of wiki software since the advent of Wikipedia has made wiki software a relevant choice as tool to manage and visualize knowledge, including enterprise knowledge. Some of the softwares have high extensibility, which enables extra functions added by developers, including that related to knowledge extraction and presentation. This thesis provides a reference architecture and its implementation in form of a prototype built with a wiki software. Both are provided to facilitate presentation of enterprise knowledge. The reference architecture is designed to facilitate enterprise knowledge contained in any models. Utilization of knowledge repository and various possible visualization tools is prominent in the reference architecture. For prototype implementation, the enterprise knowledge embedding format is restricted to business process models and architecture models. The prototype is then validated by means of a survey. This survey’s result shows that although our prototype still has limitations, it fulfills the requirements to present enterprise knowledge embedded in models.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:54 computer science
Programme:Business Information Technology MSc (60025)
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