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Recommendation towards patient process, focussing on treatment places at The Rotterdam Eye Hospital

Vankan, L.M.A. (2012) Recommendation towards patient process, focussing on treatment places at The Rotterdam Eye Hospital.

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Abstract:The Rotterdam Eye Hospital intends to increase the number of surgeries in day surgery. The aim of this research is to give recommendations to the team leaders and manager of the nursing ward and surgery department about the number of treatment places that are needed to be able to run the patient process smoothly and therewith increase efficiency. To give substantiated recommendations, a literature study have been performed and data have been collected. The literature research shows that a smooth process contributes to good information for patients and can reduce workload for staff. In the literature study is also displays that multiple linear regression is a suitable way to predict the number of treatment places needed by calculating the occupancy time. Data from 222 patients were collected and formed the data set for this research. Multiple linear regression is used to calculate the duration a treatment place is occupied. This regression is part of a prediction model with which can be calculate how many treatment places are simultaneously in use per day. Based on this research, including a pilot of a month, can two trolleys (a type of treatment place) be removed to still be able to run the patient process smoothly. The five most important recommendations to increase efficiency of the patient process for patients who undergo surgery are: (1) focusing on treatment places, it is proven the patient process can be smoothly performed by reducing the number of trolleys from 17 to 15; (2) to be able to keep the process running smoothly it is recommended to pay attention to the cards on the magnetic board by changing the card on the board when patients change location; (3) in addition the repetition of prioritization and distribution of tasks in the patient process for nurses on the nursing ward is recommended; (4) it is recommended to use a telephone-system which registers the times phone calls are made, furthermore to both departments is recommended that they use the phone- system as agreed on and answer the telephone as fast as possible.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Het Oogziekenhuis Rotterdam
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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