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Analyzing and simulating the coherent control model

Lubbers, Luuk and Stellingwerff, Sean (2011) Analyzing and simulating the coherent control model.

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Abstract:A theoretical description and a simulation model for a coherent control model was derived and was experimentally verified. First, a simplified version of the coherent control model, where no distinction is made between pendula lengths, masses and spring constants, was considered and the equations of motion for that particular system were derived. This theoretical description was then analyzed, after which it was expanded to include all relevant parameters in the system. The theoretical description was then implemented in a simulation model and this simulation model was subjected to various tests to ensure that is was performing as expected. To that end, both the experimental set-up and the simulation model were driven with a continuous sinusoidal shaped drive signal, of which the driving frequency ! was iteratively increased from small to large values and the response of both systems was measured and compared. After verifying that the response of the simulation model adequately predicted the output of the experimental set-up, the lengths of various pendula were changed and the predicted response from the simulation model was compared to the response of the experimental set-up. In the final part of the research, the link between CARS and the coherent control model was briefly discussed. The theory behind using a drive pulse instead of a continuous sinusoidal shaped drive signal was explained and the simulation model was subsequently subjected to a drive pulse to analyze its response. Lastly, the drive pulse was altered in the phase spectrum and the output of the simulation model was compared to the unaltered drive pulse response.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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