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Coffee not in the kitchen counter : consumer interest in a drip filter coffee maker

Reigersman, Noor (2012) Coffee not in the kitchen counter : consumer interest in a drip filter coffee maker.

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Abstract:Doortje van de Wouw has launched an idea at Philips named ‘Coffee from a drawer’. Her idea was to hide a coffee machine in a drawer. This idea is based on the consumer insight that consumers like to have a coffee machine in their kitchen, but do not have space for it. Next to that most consumers have a wish to keep the surface as ‘clean’ and beautiful as possible. One possibility is to make the appliances smaller, but the most effective solution would be to have nothing on the kitchen counter at all. The aim of this bachelor thesis was to explore whether similar coffee makers are already on the market, to investigate whether there is a consumer interest in a drip filter coffee maker not staying on the kitchen counter and finally to design possible embodiments of a drip filter coffee maker that will meet the discovered consumer interests. Existing coffee makers (no gadgets and no built-in devices) that are not or partly staying on the kitchen counter found on the Internet, are shown in figure 1. A consumer focus group of seven people showed interest in a drip filter coffee machine that is not placed on the kitchen counter. All consumers of the focus group indicated to prefer a less full kitchen counter, but wanted their frequently used kitchen appliances within reach, like their coffee machine. The focus group would like more space on the kitchen counter because firstly it is easy to clean, secondly because there is more cooking space on the counter and thirdly because it looks neat. All participants of the focus group were interested in a wall-mounted coffee machine. Requirements resulting from the focus group and general drip filter requirements resulted into three concepts for a wall-mounted drip filter coffee maker (Figure 2). These concepts were shown to twelve consumers during one-on-one interviews (In these interviews drawings of the use, installation and cleaning of the device, a sight model and the drawings in figure 2 were shown).
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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