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Herontwerp van een accubak en docking station voor de Benda Benson

Slot, Jasper (2012) Herontwerp van een accubak en docking station voor de Benda Benson.

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Abstract:BonGo Innovations is a Dutch company which is mainly active in the market of sustainable mobility. One of the activities of BonGo Innovations is that they are the Dutch retailer of the electric Benda scooters. According to BonGo Innovations, there are several aspects of the scooter that need to be changed. Also, BonGo Innovations would like to launch their own scooter. Launching a BonGo Scooter provides the possibility to fix all the flaws and problems with the current Benda scooters. BonGo Innovations would like to see a possibility to easily change the Benda Benson to a delivery scooter, by adding a basket or container. However, this is not the main issue of this project. BonGo Innovations would also like to use different, removable batteries to power the scooter, while the frame and the covers of the scooter remain the same. The solution needs to be found by redesigning the current battery box, the space underneath the seat. The new batteries have the advantage to be able to be charged inside of the scooter, or outside of the scooter. This way, the user is allowed to charge the batteries at places that used to be difficult to charge an electric scooter, like in an apartment or at work. To be able to charge the batteries outside of the scooter, a docking station needs to be designed, allowing the user to easily connect the batteries to the power grid. The outcome of the project meets almost all established requirements. The project can be called a success, even though not all requirements are met. The solution gives the scooter properties that are unrivaled in the Dutch market thus far. This gives BonGo Innovations an advantage over the competition. The docking station allows the user to easily charge the batteries outside of the scooter. The recommended concepts for future development provide the users with even more ease of use, which gives BonGo Innovations the opportunity to position the BonGo Scooter even better in the current market than the current Benda scooters.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
BonGo Innovations, Apeldoorn
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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