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Sharing is caring : welke motieven zijn er voor het volgen van een Facebook en Twitter account en wanneer wordt informatie van deze accounts doorgestuurd?

Kemperink, M.S.G. (2012) Sharing is caring : welke motieven zijn er voor het volgen van een Facebook en Twitter account en wanneer wordt informatie van deze accounts doorgestuurd?

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Abstract:This research investigated the motives of Facebook and Twitter users on following an account and the influence of issues for sending information from these accounts. Studies have shown that the digital world becomes more and more part of our daily life. Social media plays a major role. For both consumers and businesses, there are benefits to gain in social media. Social media ensure that contacts can be maintained with acquaintances and strangers and social media ensures that information can be distributed quickly. Social involvement is very important at this time and this research is responding by looking at the motives for social media use and forwarding information. Research was conducted through questionnaires. The study used two questionnaire versions, one aimed at focusing on Facebook and the other on Twitter. The questionnaires are a selectively assigned to the respondents. In the study, 226 respondents participated. They were obtained through the network method. The results of the survey reveal that the account of a person is more often followed than the account of a company, for both Facebook and Twitter. Results also show that people prefer to receive a message once a week instead of every day or every hour. Thereby messages coming from persons are most valued in the reporting form ‘photographs’ and those of companies in the reporting form ‘text’. It appears that the motives for following a social network account can be determined by the following account. Generally, the motives ‘social research’ and ‘status updates’ are the most important by following a general account on Facebook and Twitter. The motive ‘discount’ is not important here. However, to follow the Facebook or Twitter account of the Beaujean Vacances Company, ‘discount’ is seen as the prime motive. Results in this study show, that is can be concluded that the motives for people to follow an account, are determined by the following account. By forwarding messages, the notification form of the message and the gratifications that a person is looking for are influencing the transmission. Textual messages from companies and messages from persons in the reporting form ‘photographs’ are most often forwarded. Persons who are seeking ‘self-improvement’ use social network sites most often for forwarding messages. The use of social media by companies can deliver improved effectiveness of marketing and sales and can bring economic benefits. However, companies should look at how social media could be used right.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Beaujean Vacances, Gulpen, Nederland
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:05 communication studies
Programme:Communication Studies MSc (60713)
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