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Succesvol integreren van tablet PCs in het voortgezet onderwijs - Welke ondersteuning hebben docenten hierbij nodig?

Boonen, Imke (2012) Succesvol integreren van tablet PCs in het voortgezet onderwijs - Welke ondersteuning hebben docenten hierbij nodig?

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Abstract:In this thesis, the research and advice that focuses on the successful integration of tablet PCs in secondary education is presented. More and more schools are starting pilot projects in which students are being provided with a tablet PC. This is also the case at the Bonhoeffer College in Enschede, where they started the pilot ‘learning with the iPad’ in September 2011. Before the start of the school year in September, the teachers followed a few workshops in which they could get to know the iPad. Since then, a number of teachers started to discover the possibilities, but it was also found that some teachers are not using the iPad or use it as a digital book. The premise of the Bonhoeffer College is that teachers integrate the iPad into the lesson by looking beyond the book and create challenging lessons where students are stimulated to work actively. Successful integration of the iPad requires certain changes of the teacher and his way of teaching. According to the literature, in the desired situation the teacher teaches based upon (social) constructivism, where the iPad is used for active learning, collaboration and communication. During the learning process it is expected that the teacher will fulfill the role of a facilitator who encourages students in making the right decisions by asking questions and giving advice. Furthermore the teacher has to be able to create alignment between the use of the iPad, the pedagogy and the content of the lesson. To determine the discrepancy between the desired and current situation at the Bonhoeffer College and to develop an advice that can take away the discrepancy, the central question is: In what areas and in what way do teachers need support when they want to utilize the added value of the iPad? To be able to answer this question, observations took place in the lessons of ten teachers. These observations were focused on how the teachers used the iPad and afterwards an interview took place. The outcomes indicate that the discrepancy occurs in three different areas; pedagogy, role and knowledge and skills. In the observed lessons aspects of (social) constructivism are rarely observed. In a few lessons students get the instruction to work together, but generally most classes consist of independently completing assignments from the book. Regarding the role of the teacher, the role of instructor is observed the most. Teachers mainly provide classical instructions. The role of facilitator is observed in a few lessons; the teacher provided students with advice and asked questions that helped them to think in the right direction. Finally, the knowledge and skills of the teachers where inadequate to successfully integrate the iPad. Most teachers don’t have problems with operating the iPad, but they have difficulties with exploiting the potential of the iPad in a meaningful way. In the observed lessons the teachers mainly made use of verbal transferring of information, the possibilities that the iPad can provide in the pedagogical field are hardly utilized. When it comes to providing support to eliminate the discrepancy, the main line of the advice is to let teachers participate in professional development programs. Based on the discrepancy and the wishes of the teachers this can be done by arranging meetings in which teachers can share knowledge and creating teacher design teams. Furthermore it is recommended to create transformative leadership and develop a vision and goals in consultation with the teachers. In this way teachers know what the expectations are and it is possible to evaluate to which extend goals are achieved. Finally it is recommended that the knowledge that is being shared during the professional development will be documented and published on the online learning environment TeleTop. In this way every teacher has access to the knowledge.
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Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science and Technology MSc (60023)
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