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Het gebruik van QuikScan tijdens vergaderingen

Bajwa, M.Q. (2012) Het gebruik van QuikScan tijdens vergaderingen.

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Abstract:Employers and employees spend much of their time in meetings. The results of these meetings are crucial for organizational success. It is therefore very important that a meeting proceeds efficiently and effectively. QuikScan is an innovative extension to the conventional layout of documents. It uses summaries within documents formatted in a numbered list of summary-sentences. By the use of QuikScan, the accessibility of documents, that during or prior to the meeting shall be used, can be improved.In this case study is for the first time examined how the participants use QuikScan during the meeting and what the consequences are for the use of QuikScan in the practice. In this study a meeting is observed, a short questionnaire is conducted and an interview is held with a city-counselor of Enschede. Analyses have been done on the informed opinion of the participants, the video recording, the survey and the interview. The results of this study show that the participants mainly use arguments derived from the QuikScan summaries. There is also found that the participants read the QuikScan summaries instead of the detailed content furthermore they use the numbered list of items to quickly navigate to the right place in the document. There is also found that the enthusiasm of the participants is great for the use of QuikScan. However, three obstacles for using QuikScan emerged from the interview. The first obstacle is who is going to implement QuikScan in the text? The second obstacle is how to deal with texts that contain much private information, whether or not to QuikScan these texts? The final obstacle is how QuikScan behaves in digital documents?
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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