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Het ontdekken van interacties tijdens onderzoekend leren

Kosse, E. (2012) Het ontdekken van interacties tijdens onderzoekend leren.

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Abstract:During inquiry learning students need to perform experiments in order to discover the effects of independent variables on one or more dependent variables. The effect of an independent variable could be a main effect, an irrelevant effect or an interaction effect between two independent variables. This interaction effect is commonly found hard to observe. The main goal of this research was to find out if an analogy can be a tool to get a better understanding of interactions during inquiry learning among students. An analogy in the appearance of a story was developed, which had the same underlying variable structure as a number of inquiry learning tasks used in this research. This research is built on two conditions: an analogy condition and a control condition. The two inquiry learning tasks where counterbalanced in these two conditions, so there were four groups. Prior to the research, the students completed a pretest which appeals to one’s understanding of interactions in balance scale problems (Siegler, 1976). Based on the scores of the pretest it was examined whether the groups where comparable at the offset of the research. Results showed that one of the analogy groups was significantly better at discovering an interaction effect compared to the other analogy group. Because there is a difference between to two analogy groups there can’t be concluded that an analogy is a tool for a better understanding of interactions during inquiry learning yet. This difference may be due to a less motivated group during the reading of the analogy. This less motivated group did not discover an interaction effect in the inquiry learning tasks. Also, this analogy group made the plant grow task second, so it’s possible that the effect of the analogy was annihilated.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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