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Straatcoachen van Marokkaanse overlastgevende jongeren : een onderzoek naar de aanpak van straatcoaches in de gemeenten Helmond en Nijmegen

Pehlivan, A. (2011) Straatcoachen van Marokkaanse overlastgevende jongeren : een onderzoek naar de aanpak van straatcoaches in de gemeenten Helmond en Nijmegen.

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Abstract:Public safety is a policy field that has gotten increasingly more attention by the Dutch media and politicians especially when it comes to problems with Moroccan-Dutch youngsters. About 8,1 percent of these youngsters are suspect of criminal activities, against 1,6 percent of the Dutch youngsters. Self-reports among Moroccan youngsters present a similar image. The Dutch government had to do something about this problem. Besides the regular youth policy, the Dutch government decided that specific policy was needed for the Moroccan youngsters. The goal of this specific policy is to bring down the disorderly and criminal behaviour caused by these youngsters and create equal chances for them in terms of education and job opportunities. Thus, the Dutch government released a policy document about this subject in 2009 called: ‘Aanpak van Marokkaans-Nederlandse probleemjongeren, grenzen stellen en perspectief bieden’. Specific policy is not only needed because of the criminal statistics of Moroccan youngsters, but also because these youngsters deal with relatively more variables that can result in the participation of criminal youth groups. Moroccan youngster for example deal with migration factors, difference between Moroccan and Dutch vision about raising and educating children, living in a deprived neighbourhood, lack of positive spare time activities etcetera. The Dutch politicians are in their document of 2009 enthusiastic about one instrument to bring down the nuisance and criminal behaviour of Moroccan youngster: the streetcoach. Streetcoaching is not a new instrument; in fact To Serve And Protect (a company in Amsterdam) has used this instrument since 1996. The Dutch government only recently decided to use this instrument against nuisance of Moroccan youngsters. This has several reasons. The most important one however is that the Dutch government only recently came to the conclusion that the regular way of working was not effective for this target group. The police and the youth workers weren’t able to deal with the target group. Municipalities couldn’t get the nuisance caused by Moroccan youth groups to a halt and they needed a new instrument to tackle the problem. Streetcoaching was seen as a (new and) powerful instrument to deal with this problem. Streetcoaches are seen as a (new) partner which operates between the police and the youth work. Politicians and policy officers of municipalities are eager to use streetcoaching. Even though streetcoaching until now never has been a subject of scientific research. One of the important questions: can streetcoaching be effective against nuisance and criminal behaviour of Moroccan youngsters, has actually never been answered. With this research, municipalities will find out what they can expect from streetcoaches and in which context and prerequisites they can be successful. This research has been conducted as a research project for the Master Public Administration track Public Safety of Twente University. The result of this research project is a Master thesis. This qualitative research consists of a literature study and a field study. The literature study reveals what successful elements are in dealing with Moroccan youngsters in the street culture and why the police and youth workers can’t successfully deal with this group. The field research consists of a case study in two municipalities: Nijmegen and Helmond. Interviews have been conducted with streetcoaches, their team supervisors, policy officers, police and neighbourhood residents. The combination of the field research and the literature study results in the conclusions about this subject. The following problem statement and research questions have been formulated for this research:
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Public Administration MSc (60020)
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