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De betekenis van groei Perspectief van deelnemers aan een life-review interventie

Elfrink, Teuntje (2012) De betekenis van groei Perspectief van deelnemers aan een life-review interventie.

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Abstract:Background An impact study in 2011 showed that the life-review course ‘’Op verhaal komen’’, in which writing about life is the point of focus, is effective in improving psychological well-being and in reducing depressive and general symptoms. This narrative study examines the meaning of growth from the perspective of participants in this life-review intervention. In addition, it is checked whether there is a relationship between the narrative growth as seen in the stories and the quantitative growth (scores on the MHC-SF) as examined last year. Methods Out of the stories of 43 participants, three cases were further investigated. Each of the three cases show either a large increase or decrease in the score on the MHC-SF, but these data are only revealed after the analyzes were finished and this study was therefore carried out blindly. In total, six analysis steps are carried out for these three cases. First, for each case an overall impression is given. Then, there are distinguished storylines, which are subsequently compared with each other. After these three steps, the cases are reciprocally compared to give an overall view of the dataset. It concludes with an interpretation of the storylines in terms of growth and self-development and a reflection on the contribution of the narrative analysis. Results In the three life stories and corresponding six storylines different moments of growth can be found. Between the cases there are both similarities and differences: for example, each case contains multiple moments of growth, but the size of the moments and the assumed impact of a person’s (narrative) growth varies. Conclusion This narrative study provides much insight into the meaning of growth in life stories and shows that many moments of growth can be found in the life stories that have been established by the life-review course ''Op verhaal komen''. It has become clear that narrative growth is not equal to the quantitative growth, but the narrative analysis can provide explanations for the increase or decrease in the scores on the MHC-SF. By using existing frameworks and focusing on the words and intentions of the participants as well, this study not only provides the stories its own character, but it also provides insight on the process of growth.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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