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De Easydose

Verloop, Thomas Gerard (2012) De Easydose.

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Abstract:This report describes the work performed during this bachelor thesis and provides insight into how the design process has led to the end result of this assignment. The contract started in March 2012 for the company MDes BV. The purpose of this assignment is to design a drug injector under the name Easydose, which delivers certain drugs subcutaneously (i.e. under the top layer of skin). There already was a prototype of this device, which I helped develop in late 2011. This prototype was used for the so-called "proof of concept", in which the operation of the device is proven and demonstrated. The development of the device in this assignment is the next step in making the product commercially. Although the Easydose concept is intended as a prototype, it also has a second purpose: namely, the "proof of acceptance." This means that the device can be shown to potential customers for the purpose of the acceptance of the product in the market. This must be taken into account in the design and looks of the device. The focus in this assignment lies with the technical and aesthetic development of the prototype into a well-designed commercial product. In addition, the ergonomics are important because the product is likely to be used by physically impaired people. The pre-research is an important step in this for a number of decisions to make, like choosing a suitable shape and color for the device. Prior to this assignment, a market research and shape study have been done for the Easydose by Pauline Simons and Marleen Scheurs, which has saved me a significant amount of work in my own research. The research also looks at similar products on the market to learn about color and design. This is important when looking for a quick acceptance of the Easydose in that same market. Also in this project, as mentioned, the ergonomics are important. Therefore, a suitable form and an appropriate operation method of the Easydose have been researched. The largest part of the project contained the development and detailing of the product concept. Many solutions and adaptions to the model and the operation of the apparatus have been devised to improve the design and to solve certain problems. The main focus was on the interior mechanism of the Easydose, the attachment of the corresponding drug capsules to the device and the tensioning of the above-mentioned mechanism, through an external tensing device. The progress of the concepts has always been discussed with the company supervisor of MDes, Nol Brewers, and with his feedback the next design step could be made. During and after the detailing, attention has been paid to the materials to be used, calculations have been done for a number of components and the assembly of the Easydose has been examined. This has led to a final concept that can be used as a prototype and communication. The product still needs some adjustments to get to the actual manufacturing, but it is certain that it will be made. With that in mind, this assignment is certainly successful.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
MDes B.V.
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design Engineering MSc (66955)
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