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Assistance to Technical Department South East Asia

Roethof, Thijs (2012) Assistance to Technical Department South East Asia.

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Abstract:At the start of the internship four assignments were given. A short explanation is given per assignment below. Besides the given assignments which are not really in the line of my subject of specialisation I had the possibility to investigate some more technical contents, which holds the evaluation of two broken parts of a dredging vessel. Assignments Logistics Because of the central location of Singapore it is good for storage of reclamation and parts of vessels. Batam is an island of Indonesia in front of Singapore where the square meter price is four to six times lower than in Singapore. This means that it is profitable to store the large items such as pipes, hoses and spare parts, which will not be used in short notice, at Batam. But this results in extra transport costs. The assignment was about an investigation of finding the best and cheapest ways to give more structure to handling and storage. Tug- and barge provision This section contains the investigation of suitable options for rental of tugs and barges used for mobilization and demobilization. So far, the company Orion is used for these projects. Because of the long term relationship the cooperation and service of the company is very good. Few words are enough for understanding the job and there is always a tug and barge ready to hire. If Orion has not a tug or barge of their own available the company will arrange another suitable vessel. But because of the long term relationship it is unknown if the day rates given by Orion are competitive with alternative companies. Therefore it is important to find out other opportunities. Subcontractor and supplier overview update The assignment was to update current list of subcontractors and suppliers, presenting a list of preferred suppliers. After every year there is done a Quality, Health, Safety & Environment evaluation of all the suppliers and subcontractors. Although I was not able to fill in these evaluations it was ask to manage this; allocate the evaluation form to the right contact person. And request the companies to fill in the missing questionnaires which were needed to fill in the evaluation. Equipment manual Australia For the equipment to be deployed in Australia special requirements need to be complied with. There were a few documents with information and requirements for different states, but the structure was unclear and there was no proper overview. Because the amount of work and projects in Australia is increasing it was requested to set up a manual for Australia preparations, uniform for any piece of equipment. Damage Investigation of dredging vessel parts The dredging vessels suffer from a lot of wear because of the working conditions, sand in combination with salt water. An important part of the technical department holds the repair and replacement of broken vessel parts. Two parts of the vessel Volvox Asia were evaluated to find the reason of the breakdown. Suction bend This part, the connection of the suction pipe (to the seabed) with vessel hull, is subjected to wear by the sand flow and tension forces. Because of crack initiating this part was replaced by a new one. The worn suction bend is evaluated on thickness reduction. In the report a possible explanation is given for the unexpected wear. Jet pump shaft Two jet pumps are used in the vessel. These pumps are used for jet water injection to the seabed during dredging and for making the sand transportable during discharge. The jet pump is a normal single stage centrifugal pump with an impeller of 1500mm diameter. This short investigation is done because of the frequently high breakdowns of the shafts. In this report the stresses acting in the shaft are investigated and there is tried to find an explanations of the breakdowns. This report only contains the last two sections, the damage investigation of the suction bend and the jet pump shaft, because these are the most interesting with respect to the master Applied Mechanics. The assignment reports are attached separately.
Item Type:Internship Report (Master)
Van Oord B.V.
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering MSc (60439)
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