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Learning to teach in a dual learning environment

Hopstock, Christine (2012) Learning to teach in a dual learning environment.

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Abstract:Since the last decade, learning to teach is increasingly organised in dual learning programmes, which is a combination of a teacher education institute and a practice school. To extend knowledge of how student teachers learn to teach, this thesis researches learning and regulation activities used in a dual learning environment (teacher education institute, practice school and the combination of both) and how these contexts are perceived. Data for the study on learning and regulation activities was gathered with the Structured Learning Report on two cohorts of 172 student teachers and were analysed with a Chi-square analysis. For each learning environment a typical learning character could be identified. At the practice school student teachers seem to learn rather practical by performing activities and trying them again, also in different situations. The reflection on their work is guided by rules of thumb or theory of practice. At the institute, student teachers apparently learn in a more theoretical manner. Their main goal is to get information. They monitor their learning by using new information and reflect by using factual and procedural knowledge. In the combination of both contexts student teachers’ learning is very self-reflective: they reflect on their experiences, learning identity and teaching practice. Furthermore they are aware of their behaviour. To analyse student teachers’ perception of supervision and learning at the teacher education institute and at the practice school, a cohort of 82 student teachers answered a questionnaire. A factor analysis and an additional paired samples t-test on the perception of learning and supervision at school and teacher education institute verified that student teachers perceive the contexts differently. Reasons for this difference in perception could be the supervisors’ definition of their role and their theoretical and practical knowledge.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:81 education, teaching
Programme:Educational Science BSc (56613)
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