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Conceptontwerp van een product ter bevordering van het natuurlijke huidverzorgingsgedrag van fokzeugen

Staay, Yorrit van der (2012) Conceptontwerp van een product ter bevordering van het natuurlijke huidverzorgingsgedrag van fokzeugen.

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Abstract:The goal of this project is the development of two conceptual designs that support the natural grooming behaviour of breeding sows. Animal welfare is enhanced by supporting this behav- iour. At present, very few products have been introduced onto the market that take this into account. A significant amount of time during the project was spent analysing the grooming behaviour of sows. The reason was the lack of knowledge about this behaviour. A well-founded basis for the subsequent design process was established by observing how sows groom their skin. Pigs scrub their bodies along rough surfaces, such as trees and walls made of concrete, in an up and down movement. This movement ensures the removal of dirt, parasites, dead skin cells and dander. The head, flanks and back are particularly popular grooming areas. The small number of products, which are available for supporting grooming behaviour in pig housing, do not take into account the pigs’ natural sequence of grooming behaviour. For this project, the scrub movement and the parts of the body that are most frequently scrubbed are regarded as important aspects. Also, restrictions of the housing environment were analysed and considered during the design process. For example, as part of the standard cleaning procedure in pig housing, the product can be cleaned using a pressure washer. All requirements are integrated into a list of requirements. As a result of a broad idea generation, two design lines emerged, which were elaborated fur- ther. Seven different concepts were developed. The best concepts of both design lines were fur- ther elaborated. One of these final concepts is an octagon with protrusions. The other conceptual design is a tubular construction with replaceable mats with extruded profile. Suggestions for the choice of materials and plans how a prototype can be constructed are given. Eventually the final concepts are evaluated using the list of requirements. Breeding sows can use both conceptual designs to show their natural grooming behaviour in a safe way.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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