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MC Interface design for mobile devices

Veenstra, Jelmer (2012) MC Interface design for mobile devices.

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Abstract:Thales Group Hengelo manufactures and produces defence and security systems. These systems are mainly radar and optical sensors systems. For the maintenance on the Thales’s Integrated-mast(I-mast) system, a Maintenance Centre (MC) application has been developed by Thales. Section 3:Systems of this report will describe the I-Mast in more detail. With the MC, a maintainer can monitor the health and availability of the system by using the MC. When the system malfunctions, the maintainer can alter the system state and with the information provided by the MC, identify, locate and replace the malfunctioning parts. This application and its Graphical User Interface(GUI) is designed for a fixed resolution screen. Thales Hengelo developed multiple interfaces for their different radar and optical systems present in the I-mast. To give every MC the same look and feel, a guideline document has been established. These guidelines describe how the MC GUI should look and feel, who its users are, the use environments of the MC, what hardware it’s uses and to which interfaces the MC is connected. The goal of this assignment is to increase flexibility of the MC application in order to support a wider range of mobile devices, like a smartphone or tablets. The current MC application is defined by fixed dimensions. Meaning that it only suitable for a specific screen resolution and size. It isn’t scaleable. Therefore the transformation to flexible screen size and resolution, new guidelines have to be established. To present and prove these guidelines, a prototype shall be developed based on these new guidelines. This is a proof of concept prototype and does not support the complete interface functionality.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Thales, Hengelo, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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