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Application of composites in a bikecarrier

Bedem, Stef Geerten van den (2012) Application of composites in a bikecarrier.

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Abstract:This is the bachelor final assignment of Stef van den Bedem. In co-operation between the University of Twente, Indes and Cato Composite Innovations, there is explored wheter or not composites can be succesfully used in a bikecarrier. The goal is to design a bike carrier that stands out from the market due to its low weight. The existing MovaNext M3 bike carrier that was develloped by Indes is used as the base. The load bearing components will be redesigned in composite. Other components are revised up to the level that it can be assumed that they will work properly with the load bearing structure. The emphasis is on the stiffness and strength of the composite parts, production and assembly including joints between different materials. Usability and appearance will also be adressed. Ease of use must be improved by making isteasier to place heavy (electric) bikes. The aim for the new appearance are communicating the light weight of the product and letting the product stand out in the market. The fi nal design has suffi cient strength and stiffness to carry bikes. However material thicknesses needed to achieve this restrict the weight loss. The new design is lighter than its predecessor but not as light as it should be. Assembly does not create any problems. Although the assembly process must be adapted to glueing some products instead of using fasteners. The number of parts is increased because some components had to be split to avoid draft issues. Usability is improved slightly. Some enhancements are made but revolutionary chances could not be made because the locking mechanism between the carrier and the towbar needed to be preserved. The sheets of composite close the shape of the carrier completely. Although this does not improve its apperant weight, it makes it possible to hide disruptive details. A calm, sleek and effi cient look is achieved. The new design is an improvement over its predecessor. However, the limited weight loss make it uncertain if this is the best successor of the MovaNext M3
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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