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Internship Report Heerema Marine Contractors Leiden

Vendrig, W.H.P. (2012) Internship Report Heerema Marine Contractors Leiden.

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Abstract:I carried out four assignments of my internship at Heerema Marine Contractors Leiden, at the Mechanical workgroup of the Technology division. The first is the design of a movable elevating work platform and includes a concept design. No further work was done as the requirements were not certain and there was a risk of doing useless work. The second is the design of a test setup for the testing of the ultimate strength of a glue connection. It includes a short research into glue, and a completely worked out design including drawings. The third assignment was a short one and was about creating a macro script to merge a set of bills of material from a set of drawings into one large file in which the totals can be calculated. The drawings’ bills of materials contain references to other drawings. The fourth and final assignment was a short study on the behavior of large diameter wire ropes on sheaves. Two space saving solutions were compared on how they affect the life of the rope. Keywords: Off-shore, Oil and Gas, Work Platform, Bill-Of-Materials, Wire rope, sheaves, Test setup, Glue strength
Item Type:Internship Report (Bachelor)
Heerema Marine Contractors, Leiden, the Netherlands
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:52 mechanical engineering
Programme:Mechanical Engineering BSc (56966)
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