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Ontwerpen van nieuwe solar verlichting

Martina, Dennis Norman (2012) Ontwerpen van nieuwe solar verlichting.

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Abstract:The target for this assignment was to design a concept for a new line of unique and notable solar-light products. The new products had to be designed for a not yet existing brand which would extend the clients lines of 12 volt products with solar products. Because there was no target group defined at the start of the assignment, a plan of aproach was set up including researchquestions that would lead to a clear description of the target group. This description was used as starting point for the design. Also there were research questions formulated to explore the technical aspects. During the market research the products of the client; products of competitors and the current trends on garden and lighting were analysed and aspects like light effect, material, price range, application and function of the lamps were taken into account. The results were later presented to the client and in consultation a description for the target group was defined. The choices made were later substantiated with an external research from “De Tuinbranche Nederland” and lead to the creation of a moodboard to visualise the group in mind. After this market research it was necessary to figure out the measurements, adjustable parameters and overall functioning of the (electrical) components. This was done by talking to the engineer at Techmar B.V. and consulting numerous sources and previously carried out studies. Also the technical specifications of the electronic components of some existing lamps were compared to get a solid support for the choice of components to be used in the new, yet to design, lamp. This technical research resulted in a design brief with requirements and wishes the new lamp had to meet. After the research phase was finished a form study started where several ideas were put on paper or in the computer. These sketches were then later grouped and presented during a meeting where both the client and UT-mentor were present. Resulting from this meeting and a discussion about the numerous sketches was a choice for the idea that would be further developed. During these developments an idea from the client about adding a dynamic element to the lamp was taken in to account, and several concepts were designed and later presented. It turned out that the moving components were difficult to realize in the current concept and eventually the lamp was further developed without the dynamic element. After the design of this lamp was finished, the process of designing three ‘family’ products, that could be presented together, was started. After another shape study 3 lamps were developed that fitted the first design. These new designs added 2 floor lamps and a smaller table lamp. The first model was engineered to the point of production ready but yet to optimalize 3D CAD model. With the other models, production was taken into account but the 3D CAD models were less far developed. All of the models were eventualy presented as renders that look as realistic as possible. With this de client has a concept that can be presented to sales or marketing departments. Before the lamps are ready for production a final optimalisation has to be done to minimalize the production costs.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Techmar B.V., Haaksbergen, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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