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De Oblong Pond: het ontwerpen en uitwerken van een kleine terrasvijver

Vos, L. de (2012) De Oblong Pond: het ontwerpen en uitwerken van een kleine terrasvijver.

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Abstract:Velda supplies all kinds of pondrelated products. Since the beginning of 2011, Velda sells a ready-made terrace pond, the Easy Pond. This pond can easily be placed on almost any terrace or balkony or in a living room or foyer. The Easy Pond is only sold to a small group of consumers, because it is a luxurious and therefore expensive product. Velda would like to change this, by offering their clients a larger variety of terrace ponds. This report contains the design and details of a more simple and less expensive pond in three varieties: the Oblong Pond. To be able to create a good design, information was gathered, a list of requirements was drawn and a style analysis was done. The result of the style analysis are three different styles: Structurele Rust (organized peace), Strakke Natuur (tidy nature) and Creatief Stoer (creative robust). Maintainability, room for electronic components and weather resistance are also key requirements, besides the three variaties in appearance. The pond will be sold for about € 185,00 and all parts fit on euro pallets. The Oblong Pond is a rectangular pond, its sizes are 960 mm x 610 mm x 330 mm (lxwxh). It is build from a water reservoir, four walls and a cover. The reservoir is bought at Berdal, a Dutch company in Almelo. The other parts are bought in China. The cover consists of four parts, the other parts are produced in one piece. The appearance of the parts fits nowadays trends. The walls look like concrete and are made of Polystone. The material of the cover differs per variant. The lid is made of Polywood, a material with the looks of wood, for Strakke Natuur, the same material, but without the wood finishing is used in glossy white for Structurele Rust and for Creatief Stoer the lid is made of Woodplastic Composite, a material that has an appearance of wood with a course finish. The reservoir is made of HDPE. The assembly and packaging of the Oblong Pond is easy and can be done within three minutes. The expected production costs are about € 64. The cost price is more than the wish of € 35. One of the recommendations is to take a further look at this and try to lower the cost price.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Velda B.V., Enschede, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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