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Palliatieve zorg bij COPD GOLD IV patiënten

Falk, K. and Thijssen, K. (2011) Palliatieve zorg bij COPD GOLD IV patiënten.

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Abstract:The new guideline palliative care developed by the Long Alliantie Nederlands gave rise to MST to introduce the new path of care to COPD GOLD IV patients. Both the guideline and the path of care, stress the importance of psychosocial care for the palliative patients. The goal of this research is to evaluate if this path of care is an improvement for the patient and leads to higher relevant outcomes (experienced care, quality of life, anxiety and depression and dyspnea and fatigue). Method: Data from an observational research done in MST was used in quantitative analysis. Within the observational research four different questionnaires (CQI palliatieve zorg, CCQ, HADS and VNS) were used to collect data. All questionnaires except the CQI were completed on several moments. In total 69 patients attended the research. 26 patients (38%) formed the control group, 39 patients (62%) formed the intervention group. Because of a lack of a normal distribution, non-parametric tests were used. Results: Non of the different outcomes showed statistic significance. The CCQ reported clinical significance on different domains in both the control group as well as the intervention group. The domain 'care for psychological welfare' scores low compared to its other domains. The VNS anxiety and the VNS fatigue for the median per day both show a slight decrease in trend. However, viewing the trend per patient this cannot be found. Conclusion: Because of the small amount of respondents that have completed the questionnaires at every moment it is not possible to find statistic significant. Nevertheless, the statistic significance cannot be ruled out. Furthermore the choice of questionnaires and measurement moment can be questioned. Despite of no statistical significance between the old and the new path of care, the usage of the new path of care is advised by the researchers because of the low score on the domain 'care for psychosocial welfare' of the CQI and the fact the new path of care anticipates in this area.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Health Sciences BSc (56553)
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