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Capability profiles of (Corporate) venture teams in their growth phase

Meyer, P.B. (2011) Capability profiles of (Corporate) venture teams in their growth phase.

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Abstract:In today’s economic environment, large corporations as f.e. Philips Electronics ).*., need innovative concepts for continued sustainable growth. Corporate Venturing is the answer; by alining or integrating external or internal strategic ventures with novel products or services. Unlike established !rms with proven record, such ventures are subject to a ‘liability of newness’ (Stinchcombe, &4%5) whereas, without a growth record, survivability is signi!cantly reduced, (Büderal, Preisendörfer, & Ziegler, &44"). The focus of this study is on the growth phase of ventures, to learn how to deal with the stigmatized perception liability of newness. As Narayanan et al. ("$$4) point out, ventures have to (re)-arrange their portfolio of capabilities and corresponding activities that change over time, in order to secure growth and sustain competitive advantage. Consequently, it is important to !nd out the kind of capabilities that are needed to ful!ll speci!c tasks, enabling ventures to react faster to changes. This require that venture managers apply speci!c leadership roles. This study research the tasks and capabilities necessary to ful!ll leadership roles, at !ve ventures during their growth phase. An extensive literature review contributed to capture the general understanding of these roles, tasks and capabilities for venture management teams, to secure adequate performance. On the basis of literature review, a theoretical model was construed, additionally validated by both a qualitative and a quantitative study, based on eight interviews. The objective is to obtain a comprehensive insight in the speci!cs of tasks for venture management teams, as well to know the required capabilities. To strengthen the results of the interviews, a questionnaire was !lled out with the focal point on speci!c tasks and capabilities. The analysis of the results showed more similarities than differences for both.
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Philips Electronics N.V., the Netherlands
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:85 business administration, organizational science
Programme:Business Administration MSc (60644)
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