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Manipulation of microparticles with ultrasound acoustic waves

Emmerik, L. van (2013) Manipulation of microparticles with ultrasound acoustic waves.

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Abstract:The goal of the experiment is to concentrate microparticles and move them to a specific place in water using ultrasound waves. The principle behind this experiment is the difference in compressibility of the microparticles and the water. Due to this difference a radial force drives the particles to a certain position. Through applying two different, but close, frequencies a kind of travelling standing wave can be produced so that the particles are moved across the flow channel, captured inmoving pressure nodes. Unfortunately it was quit hard to build the flow channel and to find an appropriate way of connecting the piezoelectric elements, such that the goals were not completely met. In the time available it was showed that it was possible to make standing wave patterns in the flow channel. The used 20 ¹mpolystyrene particles would align at the nodes of the waves and formrows of particles. Possible improvements can be made in the formof a feedback system to be able to make a perfect absorption of the reflected wave. In this report a detailed description of the steps that are taken to achieve the goal of the experiment is included.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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