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The route to superconducting Sr2RuO4

Smit, J.R.A. and Walhout, C.J. (2012) The route to superconducting Sr2RuO4.

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Abstract:As a result of previous research on Sr2RuO4, and the possibility to reach the temperatures required to synthesize this material by laser heating, a study towards the the in uence of the pulsed laser deposition parameters on the properties of Sr2RuO4 thin films and possibility of superconductivity has been started. This report focuses on determining the in uence of two parameters, namely the substrate temperature and the background pressure. For the first set of samples, the substrate temperature was increased from 900°C with increments of 50°C to a maximum achievable temperature of 1080°C while the oxygen pressure was maintained at 10
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:TNW: Science and Technology
Subject:33 physics
Programme:Applied Physics BSc (56962)
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