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Het ontwerpen van een planningssysteem voor containerterminals

Sloten, Robin van (2013) Het ontwerpen van een planningssysteem voor containerterminals.

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Abstract:This report has been written as a suggestion for a new planningsystem, to be used in synchromodal transport. This is a non-lineair transport method that allows transporting companies to change the transport method at every stage in the process. This allows for a better way of planning containers on barges and trains. By exploiting all available space on the vehicles there are less trucks needed, what results in a saving. The first that has been done, is mapping the functions that were missing in the software. These missing functions have been found by talking with several employees, asking them what functionality they were missing. These missing functions have been used as a startingpoint for the first ideas. The biggest problems were with with intelligence and relevance. These problems had to be reduced and in the same time an attempt has been made to make the system synchromodal. By having looked at the employees wishes, the functions they would like to see from their division’s perspective have been mapped. From there has been looked at possible adaptions to certain functions, so they would fit better in the existing workflow. The following step was to look at ways to embed this in a user interface. The planning systems contain a lot of data that is relevant in several stadiums for several different divisions. Several ways have been found to group and present these pieces of information. Targetting specifically the planning departments, because these specific departments were facing the biggest software flaws. These are also the divisions with the biggest risks, for example fees when certain appointments are not kept. Three concepts have been drafted , based upon the earlier ideas. The goal of these concepts was to support the planner during his tasks. The displayable information has been filtered, and the information is made more accessible. Previously the user had to click through several windows, what is reduced to one, and in some specific cases two windows. A number of software applications that initially were dependent on third parties have been embedded in the system as well, creating a centralized planning environment, from which all data is accessible. Together with the final concept a prototype has been developed, in which a part of the described functionality returns. This in order to give the company a preview of the idea, but also to gain feedback and a possibility to integrate features that could have been missed initially.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Combi Terminal Twente, Hengelo, Nederland
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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