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Het ontwerpen van een huisstijl voor de Skewiel Mobiel Service om de herkenbaarheid en naamsbekendheid te vergroten.

Hofsink, Ashley Sharon (2012) Het ontwerpen van een huisstijl voor de Skewiel Mobiel Service om de herkenbaarheid en naamsbekendheid te vergroten.

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Abstract:Skewiel Trynwalden is a healthcare provider. One of their facilities is a taxi-service which delivers a high service for people with a decreased mobility. Drivers assist their clients at the requested location if needed. During this project a branding will be designed because the group of users has declined over the years. In this way the recognizability and brand awareness will increase. This project commenced with researching the service itself. The users, non-users, drivers and other contributers were studied. Also selling points and points of improvement were investigated. What is the message Skewiel would want to send? For discovering the context of the branding the environment of the service in Trynwalden was important. The next step was finding the best way to approach the audience. How will this group become interested in this service? And how do they wish to be adressed? The answers to these questions were applied to ensure the message Skewiel wishes to send with their branding will be translated correctly. The possibilities in media to reach the targetgroup and the different media the branding could be applied to for reaching the audience were researched. If the branding speaks to the clients the next important step is to actually reach this group. Which followed is an study of which elements a branding contains of and which media the branding will be applied to. Also methods to translate a message to the audience using graphic elements and other aspects of designing which are important in designing for this specific group, like readability were researched. Conclusions from these different parts were applied in designing. During these fases in designing feedback was received from the targetgroup and other people who are closely involved with the service. Also people who are not familiar with Skewiel or the service were tested to find out if the branding alone carried the message, without people being able to read the text. These aspects all contributed to the final design.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Skewiel Trynwâlden, Oentsjerk
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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