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Praktijkkast voor in tandheelkundige behandelruimten

Vries, Jaap Wessel de (2011) Praktijkkast voor in tandheelkundige behandelruimten.

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Abstract:The goal of this assignment was to help Partout Dental Interiors with developing their own dental cabinet, which were to compete with other dental cabinets that were in the top segment of the market. In the form of drawings, renders and documentation a modular concept was developed which was made as much ready for production as possible. The goal was achieved by gathering the requirements of all the different parties that were involved with designing this new dental cabinet. Also Partout’s possible competition was analyzed, as were the current solutions to all the different aspects of the dental cabinet. All the requirements resulting from this were summarized in an overview. Given the program of requirements, a feasible final concept for the dental cabinet was developed. This final concept was reviewed on what it was best to be made of and how it would be produced. The parties involved in the designing of this new dental cabinet were Partout Dental Interiors, the inspection of health care and dentists. For Partout it was important that the new design could be offered as modular as possible and that it had a certain uniqueness compared to other dental cabinets on the market. For the inspection of health care it was of importance that the new dental cabinet allowed the dentists to work hygienic and orderly. The dentist themselves mostly wanted a dental cabinet that was practical and affordable, but also looked nice and was up-to-date with the latest inspection requirements. Looking at the competitors Partout had to compete with when they decided to introduce their own dental cabinet, these were mostly dental depots. And especially the way these competitors offered their dental cabinets (fully customized to the needs of the dentist), is one Partout should have considered copying. Solutions to all the different aspects of the dental cabinet were numerous and varied from simple to advanced. Advanced, often directly meeting the strict inspection requirements but also the more expensive solution. With all requirements known, a definitive concept was developed for the dental cabinet. In this definitive concept the emphasis was mostly on equipping the worktop of the cabinet with all the indispensable tools for a dentist in his treatment room so that the dental cabinet would no longer be merely a cabinet for storage, but more a complete dental workstation. For the organization of the cabinet the route the dentist had to follow along the cabinet while in treatment, was particularly considered. Also an offset in the worktop was designed which was to stimulate the dentist in a more hygienic and experienced working method. The definitive concept was as much elaborated that the production materials and -methods were able to be determined. Several specialized companies were approached for this.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Partout Dental Interiors, Zeewolde
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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