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LED onderwaterverlichting

Hovenier, Lindsay (2012) LED onderwaterverlichting.

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Abstract:Velda wants to enlarge their product range with led (underwater)lighting in cooperation with Techmar. They are one step closer with this bachelor assignment. During this project extensive analyzes are carried out. Including an analysis about existing Velda products, their competitors, the target group, the influence of light and a couple of technical aspects. The research on the influence of light appeared to be very innovative. Even Techmar did not know the exact influence of their own underwater luminaires in the pond. This study showed which wavelengths facilitated least the algae growth and what colourtemperature people prefer. The generation of ideas started after these analysis. During this generation floating and underwater fixtures are looked at as a result of previous analyzes. There are five ideas created, four of them are developed to drafts. The ideas are very varied just as the drafts. They are innovative, like the draft were light and air are combined. But there are also more conservative ideas. For instance the spheres draft. This is an updated version of already existing lamps. The other two drafts are a floating object and one were the focus is on a dynamic lightshow. Of these four drafts the last one is chosen and optimized. De name is ‘ Welkin pond light’ , based on an old English word for starry sky. Which is the effect this luminaire will have in the pond. During the optimization the focal points were to get the draft waterproof, the total costs of it and to simplify the original. Eventually a luminaire is created with 13 independent flexible wires who meet at the round plastic base. To avoid standing out in the water whole lamp is black. The leds are most important. Thanks to the flexible wires the leds can be set the way the customer likes them to be. In the water the leds will sway with the water streams and touches of the fishes. The leds are dynamic, just like the underwater world The base is watertight because of the potting process. The base is filled with an epoxy resin. The leds are also waterproof because of a resin. This resin is UV resistant. To assure the base to be watertight the inside consists of two layers. The electric components are placed in the second layer. To connect the leds a driver and splitter is needed. De maximum cost price is a bit exceeded. The retail price should be 50 euro but in this case it must be raised to 55 euro. This price include a unique luminaire, a transformer and 5 meter rubber cable. This project delivered an optimized draft with a first working prototype. This one can be tested extensively in the near future. If the results are acceptable the draft can be prepared for production.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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