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Een nieuw bewegingsconcept voor het Voortgezet Onderwijs: de nieuwe generatie sporttoestellen voor de gymzaal.

Lange, A.J.D. de (2013) Een nieuw bewegingsconcept voor het Voortgezet Onderwijs: de nieuwe generatie sporttoestellen voor de gymzaal.

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Abstract:Physical education in secondary schools has been the same for years. The structure, used during the gymnastics at school is outdated and does not fit the lifestyle and experiences of children. Nijha also noticed this and therefore thinks that the movement concept should be changed and a contemporary way of gymnastics should be created, in line with current trends and perceptions of youth. The goal for this assignment is to give advice on what kind of new sports products Nijha should introduce into this market. To gain insight a research investigation into contemporary interests of young people is done. In addition, the location where this movement classes are given, and educational objectives for physical education are investigated. As a result of these analyzes, specifications are compiled. The concept is designed with various ingredients can influence the design. These requirements are then translated into so-called functional ingredients for the design. Examples of these ingredients are: Moving into a area, link with the environment and Game Value. The experience is translated into excitement, adventure and teamwork. This resulted in three different concepts. The first is Higher Spheres remains close to the current range. It is based on small additions to the current products in the form of prints. The second concept, Flying Carpet, creates extra space in the gymnasium . There is an additional floor placed in the accommodation. In the last concept, Sports Landscape, is chosen to provide a surface on which can be moved. This is not a product, but an complete environment which stimulates moving in a natural way for people. Ultimately, in the concept of choice is this concept chosen. It turned out that the concept is functionally correct. but it isn’t a lean concept and doesn’t meet the experiences of young people optimally. During concept detailing, research has been done to key aspects of the landscape. “Providing a ground” is translated into properties that a surface can possess. These have been applied to smaller building components. These components have been developed to modules and an accessory. The modules are: the Beat Box, Jumper and Twist. The accessory is Connect. Style elements are also added to the modules. This is done by using the theme “Technology”. This phase ensures the final appearance, design and materialization of the products. Finally, the final concept of the sports landscape and the various modules are evaluated. These marks are described for further detailing and the improvement of each of the products. It also describes the next steps for further development.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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