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Het ontwerpen van een beursstand voor Protospace

Rasser, Haske (2012) Het ontwerpen van een beursstand voor Protospace.

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Abstract:This assignment was commissioned by ProtoSpace, the Fablab in Utrecht. Fablabs are workshops with digitally controlled machines. ProtoSpace is engaged in research, education and promotion in the field of prototyping. Therefore everyone can use the machines at ProtoSpace to realize his or her idea. To increase the awareness of the Fablab concept and to attract people to the lab, ProtoSpace participates in exhibitions. The attributes ProtoSpace uses at exhibitions currently are difficult to transport, do not bear the atmosphere of ProtoSpace and do not show much of the possibilities ProtoSpace offers to realize designs. Therefore, the assignment includes designing a modular exhibition stand that is consistent with the company, shows the possibilities of prototyping, is easy to assemble and to transport and that can be made by using the machines at ProtoSpace. First, research is conducted on ProtoSpace and stand design. This showed that the corporate identity of ProtoSpace is characterized by the hexagon in the logo, the font Sansa-Soft bold, the use of wood and bright colors, with the main color being green. These characteristics should be reflected in the design. Moreover, the design has to be produced with the available machines, which are a small milling machine, a large milling machine, a small laser cutter, a large laser cutter, a 3D-colorprinter, an Ultimaker, a vinyl cutter and a vacuum former. At the exhibition, ProtoSpace will make use of a uniform stand. The components ProtoSpace would like to have designed are a console, a bar table, a bar stool and an interesting back wall. Further, there should be space for flyers, examples of objects that are made at ProtoSpace and possessions of the stand personnel. A machine, for example the Ultimaker, should be able to be displayed as well. Besides, the stand should make clear what the activities of ProtoSpace are. Additionally, of the materials used for stands, wooden plates, plastic plates and textile are probably the most suitable materials, because these can be processed with the machines at ProtoSpace. The findings of this research resulted into a list of requirements. Then three concepts were developed based on the requirements and one of these concepts was further developed to the final stand. The final stand consists of a console and a bar stool of wood, that are foldable. This makes the stand furniture easy to transport and quick to assemble and disassemble. The stool is easy to assemble, it just needs to be put down. The console has the same principle but it has shelves and doors as well, which creates room for possessions of the stand personnel and makes it possible to put a laptop on one of the shelves. On the console a table top can be attached. The back wall of the stand consists of hexagonal wooden and acrylic plates which can be hung in front of the existing wall with metal s-hooks. On the acrylic plates, ProtoSpace can display information about its activities to interest exhibition visitors. For each exhibition ProtoSpace has the freedom to determine which and how many hexagons will be shown. In the design of the stand, hexagonal shapes, wood structure and bright colors are incorporated, so the design reflects the corporate identity of ProtoSpace. Besides, almost all components can be produced at ProtoSpace. Further research on account of the assignment could focus on the possibilities to build the back wall in a different way, because attaching the plates is relatively time-consuming. Also, a bag could be designed in which all components of the back wall can be transported in one time. With regard to the furniture, it is recommended to glue a strong fabric to the wood instead of using tape and consider what type of glue is best to make a sustainable connection. Finally, the options of a footrest for the stool and possibilities to make the design suitable to use outside can be explored.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
ProtoSpace, Utrecht
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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