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Innovatieve vijververlichting

Hofland, Eva Carlien (2013) Innovatieve vijververlichting.

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Abstract:Velda BV is the market leader of pond products in the Benelux. Besides the production en distribution of filters, fish food and feeding systems, Velda has the wish to expand their product assortiment with lifestyle products. Modern, trendy products that add value to the experience of the pond in the garden. To fullfil this wish, Velda has given the assignment to develop innovative pond lighting based on LED technology. This assigment has been executed in cooporation with Techmar, developer of garden- and pond lights. The designed product floats on the water surface. The product consists of two casing parts. The bottom part is a milky-white, semi-transparant shell. The top part is a flat, opaque plate that has a coating of imitation material. De LED lights in the product will spread a diffuse light beam in the water and on the water surface. The lights can be connected to one another. This gives the possibility to create a network of light. The assignment has been executed in several fases. The first step was to research the possibilities with regard to the design, appearance and functionality. These possibilities are combined in a proposal. This proposal was the input for the detailing phase. In the detailing phase a start has been made with the specification of all the aspects of the product to create a production-ready design. Examples of the specified aspects are the design, connection and production methods of the casing, the electronics for the LED lighting and a first proposal of the assembly methods. This detailing resulted in a proposition for a quotation request that has been send to China by Techmar. While the Chinese were calculating the unit costs per product, the critical points of the design were evaluated and where possible fixed. Expert reviews resulted in advise about the material choice and the connection of the casing parts. A detailed overview of the costs has been assembled. Simulations in MoldFlow and SolidWorks resulted in detailed calculations of the strenght and stiffness of the product and of the injection molding process. The final stage in this phase was combining the Chinese unit costs with the costs overview to calculate the costs per product. Besides production-technical aspects, this report also deals with marketing aspects. Packaging, promotion, distribution and a possible follow up in the future are several of the subjects that can be found in this phase. This report ends with a representation of the final result, recommendations and with an epiloque. Besides this report a functional protoype has been developed and an English production plan has been written.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:21 art forms
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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