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Suit Hanger

Urk, Joep van (2012) Suit Hanger.

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Abstract:Throughout this project research has been conducted on ways to improve the traditional hanger being used for suits, from now on referred to as ‘suit hanger’. The main area for improvement is the experience. It is important that the experience when using the product is excellent. The product has to support the desired action being taken, namely the storing of a suit, in a way that does not annoy the user. To get satisfying results it is important to determine what information you want and how you want to process this information. Any questions explored during this project should improve the research, not slow it down. The main questions in this project are as follows: What are the needs of the stakeholders? What are the functions of a suit hanger? Which functions will the prototype contain? What is important during the manufacturing of the hanger? What are the costs per hanger? How should Veeel take this project to the market? In this thesis all these questions will be answered, as well as any subquestions supporting the main questions. The result of this project is a re-design of the current suit hanger. Firstly this new hanger features the style of the target audience, it is a modern design that fits the man buying a suit in 2012. Secondly this design improves the experience for the user by changing the way the suit is placed on the hanger. When using this hanger it is possible to store the jacket in the closet and at a later time add the trousers to the same hanger.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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