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Design of an informative and interactive energy display for a solar PV-system in Jayapura

Heide, T.F. van der and Loermans, J.R. (2012) Design of an informative and interactive energy display for a solar PV-system in Jayapura.

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Abstract:The goal of the project is to design an interactive installation for the governmental building of Jayapura, the capital of West Papua, Indonesia. In cooperation with universities, the government, a producer of solar panels and WWF – Indonesia, a project is set up, in which solar panels are placed on the roof of the governmental building and provides the building from this clean energy. Because the visitors are not able to see anything of this project, an installation has to be designed to communicate the solar panels to the visitors of the governmental building. Two students from Holland have visited the city and investigated the culture, location and technical possibilities. Based on these findings ideas are generated which are converted in four main concepts. The highlights of these concepts are combined together to design a final concept: An installation in which multiple people should ‘work’ together to create a healthy city, which is animated on a screen on the wall. The working together is translated in turning on lights by touching the right part of information. These lights drive solar panels to generate energy, which stimulate the image on the screen to change. This concept has been elaborated, specified and processed in model. Based on this model the interactions of the installation are tested. Based on these, as well as the experiences of building the model and interviewing people about the product, conclusions are drawn and recommendations are done. Once optimized a manual is send to Papua, in combination with the electrical equipment. Both the manual is written and added to the appendix and the electrical equipment is connected and the software is written. These should be adapted to the changes that will be made based on the recommendations.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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