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Het ontwikkelen van een serious game voor beurzen en congressen.

Sesink, Anke (2012) Het ontwikkelen van een serious game voor beurzen en congressen.

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Abstract:Mindgame is a company that is concerned with the development of serious games. Serious games are games that do not just entertain the player, but also convey a certain knowledge to him. To date, Mindgame has deployed several technical resources with which the serious games can be played. The technique that is used most often is the IVS-system, a system by which players can give their input by using a voting system. The system is effective, but not so flexible. There have been a lot of technical developments and this has brought up the question whether Mindgame could not apply these in future game formats. At the same time the company was in search of a new game format to be used on fairs and congresses. Therefore the assignment was commissioned to research new techniques that could be interesting to use in future games and to use one of these techniques to create a game format that could be used on both fairs and congresses. The design process started out with a preliminary investigation. Different aspects were investigated including serious games, fairs and congresses, current techniques used by Mindgame and new techniques which might be interesting for future game concepts. These results were used to set up the requirements for the game format that is to be developed. After it was clear what requirements the game format should meet, several ideas were acquired that in the end developed into three different concepts. Every concept has been elaborated for the theme cyber security, hackers and viruses play a major part here. The first concept is mainly aimed on amusing the players, the second focuses on the players’ opinion, and the third concept tries to make the players more familiar with each other. Every concept uses a new technology to pursue these aims. After consulting with Mindgame it was decided to elaborate the first concept. The game that has been developed is played with two iPads. In the serious game two players have to protect a company against hackers for as long as possible. The employees of the company are being attacked by several hackers and have to defend the company as well as possible by moving office supplies. These supplies are bought with money that is earned by answering questions. The faster the players answer, the more money is being earned. The team that can ward of the hackers the longest is the winner of the game.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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