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Duurzaam afval, it's a Serious Request: Het gescheiden deponeren van afval gedurende Serious Request als een makkelijke stap aanbieden aan bezoekers en deze groep het belang van deze handeling in laten zien

Siepel, Anika Nelleke (2012) Duurzaam afval, it's a Serious Request: Het gescheiden deponeren van afval gedurende Serious Request als een makkelijke stap aanbieden aan bezoekers en deze groep het belang van deze handeling in laten zien.

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Abstract:This document is a report about the development of the bachelorproject issued by Twente Milieu “sustainable waste collection during events”. During this assignment Twente Milieu asked to pay extra attention to the glass house off 3FM and make the new design more specific for this event. The report is divided into 4 parts namely: research, design, detailing and settlement. Research It turned out that sustainability is based on 3 pillars namely: an ecological, social and economic pillar and only when these 3 pillars can be achieved you can speak of sustainability. The research part is divided into different types of research, literature research, field studies and research that is already done in the region. Literature Research: During the literature review a good look has been taken at how human behavior can be modified so that the desired behavior show up. From the behavioral sciences, three different approaches come forward: attitude-oriented approach, the behavior-oriented approach and the situational approach. In our world there are many barriers for people so they do not always exhibit the desired behavior, these barriers should be removed. By applying the strategy of the four “E’s” visitors can be send in the right direction. Enable (make possible), Encouragement (courageously), Engage (involve people) and Exempify (give a good example). Field Research: Based on the literature review field research has been done in which a good look has been taken at several events that are already clearly engaged in sustainability and sustainable waste collection. Out of this research several important priorities came forward. During the field research a good look has also been taken at how other players in this market are trying to encourage changes in behavior, what is exactly the style of Twente Milieu itselves and how the event Serious Request will be in Enschede. Ongoing research: At this moment companies and events in the region Twente are paying much attention to events to achieve sustainable and therefore there is research on how the events stand now. In these studies it became clear that there is a big step to make. At the end all the points that came forward out of the research part has been put together in a conceptual framework and in requirements. Design In order to design a brainstorming session has been held where input came from different angles. Out of this brainstorm different ideas has been selected and those have been developed further into concepts. Concept A, Positive feedback. Concept B, awareness of the fact that waste = resource. Concept C, disconnecting the waste streams. Concept D Recycling Square, playful action. Concept E, integrated approach with communication, waste bins, public awareness and environmental teams. In order to make a choice between the different concepts they have been evaluated against the requirements. Decision was to continue working with concept E, the integrated approach because approach in several areas is needed to achieve the desired effect. In this concept also the positive feedback and the decoupling of Anika Siepel waste streams is included. In this stage, the concept has also partly been tested due a user test. Concept D is also developed further because it is specifically focused on Serious Request what was asked for from Twente Milieu. Detailing By detailing the concept there has been looked at how the various components of the comprehensive plan must be designed and the costs of the various components are calculated. First is looked at what the requirements are for a general event and then specific for Serious Request. The decoupling of waste has been developed so that it can be realized immediately. All waste streams are now separated which will make sure that at different times and places better anticipation is possible. The form of the environmental team and communication components depend a lot on the type of event and type of visitors depend a lot on the type of event. By Serious Request Artin makes a campaign where these parts will be based on. The playful action will imply that waste in the form of discarded objects directly can be recycled into new products whose proceeds go to the charity. This section is entirely conceived and written so it will be easy to realize when the time comes. Settlement In here an advice is given on how the overall plan best can be implemented at a event. Furthermore, there are recommendations here where else to look so that the existing idea can be further optimized.
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Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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