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Ontwerpen van Luidsprekerkasten

Labots, Jeroen (2012) Ontwerpen van Luidsprekerkasten.

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Abstract:PVS nv is a Belgian company that makes products in the professional audio industry. The company has three brands and the assingment was set up for the Audac brand.. This assigment consists of the development of loudspeaker cabinets. The first design was made for a 10 inch active plastic speaker This speaker is designed for both fixed installation and mobile use and fills a gap in the Audac product range. The concept of this speaker is finished and the the technical elaboration is now taken over by the company. The second speaker is the Ateo 2, which is a complement of the existing serie. Prototypes were made and tested from the developed concept. The prototype is still in development and needs to be optimised. The third speaker is a new serie of the existing PX-speakers. A new design for the serie has been developed. A Prototype of the design was made and analysed for improvements. Also a mounting bracket for the speaker was developed. The last speaker is a new version of the LX serie from who the new design will be total different compared to the current design. Primarily the desgin of the this speaker is developed. The three months were to short develop everything. However, the company can continue developing the design so that the can be produced and sold lastly.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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