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Het ontwerpen van een nieuw tuinproduct

Rozema, Mart (2013) Het ontwerpen van een nieuw tuinproduct.

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Abstract:The goal is to design a new garden object for birds that can be manufactured by a sheltered workshop. The product should reflect the idea that disabled people are able to manufacture products equal to or better than products people without disabilities can make. The leading question is defined as follows: how can a bird house be designed, so that it can be manufactured in a sheltered workshop and improves the image of products made by disabelds? To start with, four questions have been asked: 1. What are the possibilities of a sheltered workshop? 2. What is the best place on the market to bring in a new product? 3. What are the profiles of the users and the environment? 4. How can this lead to a new design? The analysis is made based on the first three questions, the design and detailing phase on the last one. The resulting design is constructed from rings and slices, and can be put into the ground by a pile tip (see image 2, the pile tip is not visible here). The product is a combination of natural and human influences. It should fit in the natural background, but to show the quality of the disabled the product should reflect human influences. The shape, inspired by a tree, and the material are most influenced by nature. The structure however, tends to be more to the human side. A natural stem is cut into pieces and assembled again, but not in the original way. This represents the self-willed influence of the human on the nature. As material shelled chestnut is used: it combines a natural look (pieces of bark, a shape that is not perfectly rounded) with a more human look (the human influences of shelling is straight clear). The holes in the wood slices of the pole are not drilled in the centre, but two centimeters next to it and laced on the central tube. After the lacing the slices can still be turned, so the user can influence the appearance of the product. Because the slices are not drilled centric the pole gets its characteristic appearance that can be associated with an instable tower built of blocks. However the pole can wave a little with the wind, it has a solid and stable construction. The bird house can be taken off to clean. Also the top of the house can be taken off so it can be used as feeding table as well. Considering the size of the house it is suitable for great tits and pied flycatchers.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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