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Evaluation of the implementation of an online Quit Smoking Coach in primary care

Horst, Loes ter (2011) Evaluation of the implementation of an online Quit Smoking Coach in primary care.

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Abstract:Medicinfo (a Dutch health innova ti on company) developed a online Quit Smoking Coach (QSC). The QSC is designed to support smokers to quit, using a stepped program. Together with a Dutch insurance company and a team of GPs, a pilot project was organized to implemented this QSC in primary care to complement a face-to-face quit smoking guidance program. An evaluation study was performed to identify success factors and barriers for successful implementation. The HOT-fit evaluation model (Yusof, Kuljis, Papazafeiropoulou, & Stergioulas, 2008) was used to evaluate the implementation of the QSC in primary care. This was done by describing the match between the QSC, the needs of participants of the QSC and caregivers, work processes in primary care and the goals of Medicinfo and the insurance company. To perform the research scenario-based tests, in-depth interviews and log file analysis were executed. Research results present four main problems: - no clear view on target group (end-users), intended use and actual use of the QSC - the QSC and the regular guidance program were not integrated - the QSC was not experienced as a tailored and personalized applica ti on - the project plan for developing and implementing the QSC was incomplete Based on these results it can be stated that the development of the QSC was expert (technology) driven, participants need caregivers to support them in self-management, wrong way of personalization might contribute to program drop out and implementation of the QSC requires a specific financing model. Recommendations for further research are: - a development process consisting of 6 phases based on the eHealth development framework of Gemert-Pijnen, Nijland, Van Limburg, Kelders, Brandenburg, Ossebaard, Eysenbach and Seydel (2010) - evaluation of the improved QSC implemented in primary care, using the HOT-fit model - an randomized control trial study on the effectiveness of the QSC - further research on personalization of e-coaches
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:88 social and public administration
Programme:Health Sciences MSc (66851)
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