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Zich thuisvoelen is ook alleen kunnen zijn?: een kwalitatieve studie naar de betekenis van zich thuisvoelen

Grömping, K. (2013) Zich thuisvoelen is ook alleen kunnen zijn?: een kwalitatieve studie naar de betekenis van zich thuisvoelen.

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Abstract:In the past mental health was only seen as the absence of mental illnesses and the healthcare focused on the treatment of present disorders (Westerhof & Keyes, 2008). In 2004 the Worldhealthorganization (WHO) published a positively formulated definition of mental health. Mental health was more a combination of the three aspects emotional, psychological and social wellbeing. This definition is confirmed in the literature (Lamers, Westerhof, Bolmeijer, ten Klooster & Keyes, 2010). With this new definition the focus is no longer only on the treatment of present disorders but more on the promotion of mental health to prevent illnesses (Keyes, 2002). To feel at home is strongly associated with mental and physical wellbeing and even a negative relationship to depression could be found (Hagerty & Patusky, 199; Stewart-Brown, 1998). The relationship seems to be strongest with social wellbeing while in the literature nothing can be found about feeling at home and the other two aspects of mental health. To be able to promote people´s feeling of being at home and thereby their mental health, more insight in this topic is required. The purpose of this research is to get more insight in what makes people feel at home. By the qualitative thematic analysis of eight semi-structured interviews that were done in this research, a relationship of feeling at home with the two remaining aspects of mental health (emotional and psychological wellbeing) could be found. Moreover seven general issues could be detected that promote the feeling of being at home. Various stages could also be found that imply a general pattern of being at home throughout the whole life. Finally the importance of being alone sometimes to be able to feel at home emerged; an issue that is not jet found in the literature.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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