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Onderzoek naar de tegenstrijdigheid van “The Common Ingroup Identity Model” en “The Ingroup Projection Model”

Horst, J.M.L. ter (2013) Onderzoek naar de tegenstrijdigheid van “The Common Ingroup Identity Model” en “The Ingroup Projection Model”.

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Abstract:In this paper we examined how the level of dual identity for Dutch and German students at the University of Twente influences their inter-group attitudes and perceived levels of prototypicality in regard to each other as measured by the Common In-group Identity Model and the In-group Project Model. Three group-identities were measured: 1) A “dual identity” based on the same level, a “subgroup identity” (nationality) and a “European identity”; 2) a “dual identity” based on different levels, the “subgroup identity” (nationality) and the “University of Twente identity”; and, 3) a control condition, identification within the subgroup. The pretest found that Dutch students are the majority student group at the university. The research (N=116) showed the same result. Dutch students exhibited more stereotyping and more prejudices compared with German students. As a result, German students focused more on their “subgroup identity” and evaluated their subgroup more positively than did Dutch students. Both German and Dutch students saw Dutch students as more prototypical for the university. As for protoypicality in Europe, German students within the study group also saw themselves as less prototypical than Dutch students. A reason could be that German students, especially when the university identity is salient, see themselves as an outside group on university and tend, therefore, to view the majority Dutch population as more prototypical even within the shared “European identity”.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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