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Usabilityonderzoek naar de gebruiksvriendelijkheid en de persuasiviteit van Mijn GezondheidsPlatform

Jonge, A. de (2013) Usabilityonderzoek naar de gebruiksvriendelijkheid en de persuasiviteit van Mijn GezondheidsPlatform.

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Abstract:In the constantly changing health care, the phenomenon self-management (taking care of your own health) is getting more and more attention, because of the increasing amount of interventions that attempt to enlarge self-management and improve the patients’ quality of life. Mijn GezondheidsPlatform (MGP) is an online health care portal which aims to stimulate and improve self-management. Before MGP is able to stimulate and improve self-management, the system needs to be user friendly and contain persuasive elements, which can support users to perform self-management activities. This study investigated whether MGP is user friendly and persuasive enough to encourage and promote self-management. Two patients with diabetes participated in a usability test and an interview, which aims to find the patients problems with the use of MGP and self-management behaviour. The usability test (thinking aloud) and the interview are recorded on film, sound and with a screen capture program. The received data was analysed using a codebook, which shows the different types of problems users had with MGP and structure the quotes of the respondents. The usability test showed that the different problems were especially in the usability, tailoring and security of MGP. When MGP would become a more usable and safe system, that can be adapted (from MGP) or can be adjusted (from the user) to the needs of the end user, working with MGP would be more fast and efficient, which according to the respondents is highly desirable. The problems of MGP can be solved by technical adjustments and by adding and improving persuasive elements, which can support the use of MGP. The respondents think it is positive that in particular the communication with the doctor can be made more efficient by using MGP. On the long term this can result in a doctor-patient relation which is changing, as the doctor becomes the teacher and coach and the patient is expected to be more independent by having more knowledge about the disease progression. Currently Mijn GezondheidsPlatform is not user friendly and persuasive enough to promote self-management behaviour. Further research must be done among users who have used MGP for a long time to investigate if MGP will influence self-management behaviour in the long term.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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