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Gamen met je hart: een biofeedbackgame als stressinterventie

Kamp, E.T. (2013) Gamen met je hart: een biofeedbackgame als stressinterventie.

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Abstract:This study investigated whether a biofeedback game can be used as an intervention to enhance resilience. The study tested whether five training sessions with a biofeedback game, enabled the participants to gain some control over their HRV and GSR during an acute stress situation. Adjacent, the influence of training with the biofeedback game on determinants of the coping process was examined. 54 recruits from the primary maritime training, 34 males and 20 females, with an average age of 19 (SD=1.698) were divided over three conditions. The participants in the experimental condition (n=19) participated in five training sessions with the biofeedback game, the placebo group (n=17) trained five sessions with a placebo version of the game and the control group (n=18) did not train at all. Control over HRV and GSR was tested by measuring HRV and GSR during, and directly after the Cold Pressure Test. Meta-Cognitive Awareness of Stress and Coping (MASC) and Coping Self-Efficacy (CSE) was assessed by questionnaires. During the pretest there were no significant differences between groups. On the posttest, results show again no significant difference between groups, neither on control over HRV and GSR, nor for CSE and MASC. Thus, the biofeedback game in its current form is not suitable as an intervention in the field of resilience. More support during the game and more training sessions can possibly lead to better
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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