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Ontwerp van de structuur en user interface van de website voor MeetingPoint Twente

Winkel, Auke te (2013) Ontwerp van de structuur en user interface van de website voor MeetingPoint Twente.

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Abstract:The Dutch Twente region is dealing with a brain-drain. When asked about career opportunities in Twente, students of Twente University or Saxion Hogeschool often reply that they think Twente does not have much to offer. However, companies in the region are experiencing difficulties getting in touch with students and indicate they are having trouble finding qualified employees. To tackle this problem, the Enschede municipality has started developing MeetingPoint Twente: a platform to facilitate the initial contact between the networking organizations of the Twente businesses, the study associations from the Higher Education institutions and the education institutions themselves. One way in which MeetingPoint Twente (MPT) aims to achieve this is by means of a website. Goal The goal of this assignment is to create a design for the content structure and the interface of this website and a mobile variant thereof. Three research questions were formulated: 1. Which requirements should the user interface meet? 2. What design can be created for the user interface using the gathered requirements? 3. Does the user-interface meet the requirements gathered? Results Literature was studied to gather information about the desires and goals of the MPT target groups. Also, a focus group was organised with students to gather more information about the desired search options on the website and interviews were conducted with the MPT networkers to determine the goals of businesses. Using this information, personas were created to design for. User tasks were formulated and used as a basis for requirements for the user interface of the website. Also, usability guidelines were gathered from literature. Using these requirements, three concepts for the website and three concepts for the mobile site were developed and evaluated by an interaction designer. One web and one mobile concept were selected for further development. A prototype of the website was made and evaluated by a usability test with students. The design of the website has been found to be sufficiently user-friendly. It supports the most important tasks of the users and is a useful tool for orientation on a job or employer in Twente. Because of a small sample size, more research is needed to determine if the design visually appeals to the users. The usability of the company portal of the website could be further evaluated with a second usability test. The design for the mobile site is more simplistic than the regular website and has been limited to the student users. The design should be user-friendly for different types of mobile phones. For a definite conclusion about its usability, it should be tested with multiple users and different types of phones.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:ET: Engineering Technology
Subject:20 art studies
Programme:Industrial Design BSc (56955)
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