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Exploratiestudie naar psychologische functies van narratieve toekomstverbeelding

Kolberg, A.F. (2013) Exploratiestudie naar psychologische functies van narratieve toekomstverbeelding.

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Abstract:Ambition: The ambition of this research is to get more insight in narrative futuring and their connection with well-being. Therefore psychological functions are explored in letters from the future. This research was conducted as there is as yet little information about the narrative futuring. Thethe psychological functions are explored in order to appropriate which functions in the majority of cases be found in order to have a greater knowledge about narrative futuring. The relation of narrative futuring with well-being isn´t well explored, but from prior research about futuring is known that futuringhave a connection with well-being. Method: Via the online-tool ( were 492 letters from the future collected. Those are letters of participants who wrote themselves from a fictitious time and place and done this in a story. In order to measure the well-being of the participants, the Mental Health Continuum Short-form (MCH-SF) were used. It is a well-being questionnaire which measures psychological, emotional and social well-being. De analysis occurred in four steps. Firstly were the psychological functions with the aid of the data-analysis program awarded on the letter. Secondly were the connections between the psychological functions determined and after it were the connections of the five times with the functions determined. At least were via a correlation analysis the connections between the psychological functions and the scores of the MCH-SF determined.Results: There were 23 functions in the letters. Functions which were mostly in the letters were imagine/experience through imagination, conclusion/insight, satisfaction/gratefulness and recall past events. Furthermore there were a lot of connections between the functions. The functions which had the most correlations with other functions were: give existential advice, induce hope/optimism, recall past events en confess/blame oneself. Between the psychological functions and the well-being were predominantly negative correlations. Conclusion and Discussion: Accordingly it is characteristic for narrative futuringto create with the aid of imagination a story about the future. Thereby implications are named, thankfulness is expressed and past events are recalled, whereas by the general futuring the establishing of aims the main point is. It seems reasonable that narrative futuringsomething other is than general futuring. Further research is recommended.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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