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Effect van yoga op angstklachten: een systematische review

Kruese, J. (2013) Effect van yoga op angstklachten: een systematische review.

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Abstract:Introduction: In this systematic review is examined if yoga could have a positive influence on the treatment and prevention of anxiety. Previous reviews suggest the possibility of this positive influence. However these surveys are not necessarily of high quality and the number of studies is limited. This is why the exact role of yoga on anxiety remains under investigation. Method: A systematic search has been executed on the Scopus and Cochrane Library. Articles published before September 2012 on the subject of yoga in relation to anxiety are studied. The selection criteria for the articles are the following: (1) it is a primary study, (2) the medical intervention consists mainly of yoga, (3) there is a measurable psychological outcome, (4) the measuring method records the psychological factors, (5) it is a randomized controlled trial and (6) there is a full article available. Results: 27 of the 672 articles met the mentioned criteria. The results showed that 70,4% of the cases of the intervention group experienced significantly reduced anxiety in comparison to the control group. This suggests that yoga can have a positive effect on the reduction of anxiety. Discussion: Although this survey shows positive effects, we have to be cautious with the interpretation of our results. This caution is needed because the effect sizes of the studies are not calculated. Moreover there are many variations in the used psychological measuring methods and yoga applications. Both these factors make it difficult to interpret and compare the results of these kinds of studies and make the conclusions less reliable. This is why a meta-analysis as follow-up research is recommended
Item Type:Essay (Master)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology MSc (66604)
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