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Implicit and explicit cognitions in problematic online game use

Smid, Y. (2013) Implicit and explicit cognitions in problematic online game use.

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Abstract:Playing online games is very popular in recent years. The popularity of video games is accompanied by social concerns regarding excessive video game use, sometimes hyperbolically called “video game addiction” Not only the time they devoted to this, but primarily negative effects of gaming cause problems. Until today The American Psychological Association (APA) did not classify “game addiction” as a psychological disorder. A growing number of researchers consider problematic game use to be a behavioral addiction similar to pathological gambling. In addiction different cognitions play a role. The research in this bachelor thesis focuses on whether implicit and explicit cognitions play a role in excessive video game use. We have the implicit cognitions measured with an implicit association test and compared with explicit cognitions measured through research scales that focus on explicit cognitions. The result shows that there’s no significant correlation between implicit cognitions and subscales of the problematic online game use scale. In our model the addition of implicit cognitions to explicit cognitions does not contribute to a significant increase of the amount of variance of the dependent variable explained by the independent variables. Explanations may be an insufficient amount of extreme gamers and the sample size was relatively small. Setting up a research Implicit Association Test is not easy and stimuli for the IAT should be carefully chosen. Additional research is needed to investigate whether implicit cognitions play a role in problematic online game use.
Item Type:Essay (Bachelor)
Faculty:BMS: Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences
Subject:77 psychology
Programme:Psychology BSc (56604)
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